This Video Lesson Desperately Needs an Update! Also: How to Set Up Samsung Gear VR

This is a terrible introduction to VR for people like me who want to develop for Samsung Gear VR, and it’s a shame that I had to pay money, regardless of how little it was, to get such a lazy “lesson” on how to port my game into VR which is the whole reason In got this course in the first place!! Up until now I was absolutely loving this course only because I had no experience in Unity whatsoever, but if I was an experienced Unity developer and came solely to learn how to develop for VR it would’ve been a complete waste of money!

If you are having trouble setting up Unity for Samsung VR, first follow this video to set up Unity for Android:

NOTE: If you are on Windows and are having trouble running the android.bat file like I did, just install Android Studio and run the SDK Manager through there.

Also, use the command prompt to find the list of devices. Just hit the start button and start typing “command” and it should show up. Drag in the adb.exe just as he did in the video and then press SPACE and type devices.

Make sure your phone is in USB Debugging Mode. This you will have to figure out on your own because it can be different from phone to phone. If you have a Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8+ I can help you.

If you get an error the first time you build and run your game, try restarting your computer and Build & run it again. Make sure to check that your phone is connected after restarting through adb.

If anyone wants more detailed instructions I am more than willing to help. These forums are so empty from what I’ve seen so let’s turn this into a community that actually helps each other.

Then follow this video to set up Unity for Samsung Gear VR:

NOTE: If you don’t see Oculus under Virtual Reality SDKs, simply click on the little plus sign to the bottom right of it and click on Oculus.

If you get an error that says “Unable to merge Android Manifests,” follow the answer in this page:

Make sure you don't delete the ">" when deleting the lines that it tells you to!
I used Notepad++ to edit the XML file.

I ran into a few errors and every time Bing/Google was my best friend! I have absolutely zero experience with any of this stuff and game developing outside of this Udemy course, so if I was able to get this thing going then so should all of you. :slight_smile:

I’ve yet to test out Shoot Hoop on my Samsung Gear VR but I was able to run the quick scene in the Gear VR YouTube video with my Gear VR. I will test out Shoot Hoops tomorrow because it is now 3AM!

So my experience with ShootHoop on the Samsung Gear VR is that the game definitely works woohoo! The only problem is the UI scenes don’t load which I kinda expected anyway. I had to disable the first scene in the build settings to be able to play the game. The really awesome thing is that it automatically works with the Samsung VR controller!

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