This is more of the cut you want

I thought it was strange how he wasn’t modeling the hat, so I at least tried to make the cut more detailed.

Looks ok in 2d

But in 3d ehmm… heh almost.:

OH NO! I was in Ortho view this whole time D: no wonder!

Well I was verticie pushing around for a while in ortho view and might have ruined it :confused:
But I’ve spend enough time on it so time to move on.

In the future i’d likely be inclined to give it properly connecting geometry anyway.

Looks like I did have a backup after all.

Came out not bad without any further editing.
… Although I suspect the reason it looked odd was because for a hat it is very low poly.

Well that and there was a minor error in my cut mesh that I fixed for this version

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I think having alternate references for the bishop pawn would have helped; but we don’t get that serious with this model, so i guess Oh well…

You know what, this chess piece hardly looks like a hat to begin with!

But i think this is about the best its gonna look:

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