The term 'cl' is not recognized as a name of... error in VS Code

I opened up VS Code by typing in ‘code’ in the command prompt and when typing in cl in the terminal it gives folling error:

Extra: I changed computer about 4 vids in the course so I had to install everything again on my new pc. I didn’t install VS community 2019 here because we weren’t using this yet in the course.

Could this be the issue that is causing the compiler to not work?

[EDIT] installing VS community didn’t help. Neither did re-installing VS Code…

Did you open VS Code through the developer command prompt?

I did. Previously I was at the BullCowGame on another pc, so i had to install everything again.

When opening VS Code through the cmnd prompt it doesn’t work with cl. I get that error message.
When opening the BullCowGame VS Code through the Unreal Engine, it compiles just fine though.

Is this going to be a issue later on down the course? If not, then I will just continue with the course from where I am now. (thought I would rather have it work than not…)

It’s only needed for the triplex section.