The ShadowLight Kingdom, my first playable demo

Thanks for your kind words.
I’m optimizing the game because I didn’t take so much care about that. I realized if I want to be able to make it playable on a mobile device I need to start almost from scratch again, so that’s what I’m doing now… A lot of work optimizing the models, materials, textures and scripts… I will try to post an update soon. Thanks again :slight_smile:

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Good luck. I am looking forward to see the update!

Very Nice. Great Artwork, i like it :slight_smile:

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The game doesn’t seem to like Microsoft edge (however I probably just need to upgrade to Firefox or something)

@midasPrimaris that demo has some issues with performance, that probably is causing problems with browsers and computers. I have been working on an optimized version from scratch I plan to upload soon :slight_smile:
Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile:

Awesome game - love the mood and feel.
The start where you intuitive know where to go is great and it is very well done.
Great job!!

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@Jacob_Kjaergaard thanks so much for your feedback :slight_smile:

This is looking nice visually and the story seems cool, I see you have a dialogue system setup as well. I feel the controls are a bit clunky with character movement. The whole only going forward and using other buttons to rotate makes me take a lot of needless damage imo lol. Of course I usually move with WASD keys as well so that surely does not help. Perhaps making the camera rotate with the character would work out a bit better?

Overall though the game has a nice feel and look to it.

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Hi @Casey_S thanks for your feedback. I agree the controls aren’t good enough, I totally changed them. That was my first attempt to code player controllers and it wasn’t friendly enough. I’m working on a new version, more friendly and optimized. I hope I can post another demo soon. The feedback received so far has been really helpful. Thanks so much again :slight_smile:

Awsome Work, congrats!

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Hi Guys, I wanted to post a little update.
I have been lately working on the combat and inventory system. The inventory is going to be really simple but a little different, the player has three slots, an slot for weapons, an slot for shields and the last slot for armor. During levels you will be able to pick other items, but you have to choose wisely because you can only store one item of each kind. Items have lifetime, so that’s another variable that will make the decisions more fun but more difficult. No worries, once you reach certain level you will learn an spell to fix your weapons… and much more to come!
Here is a little video of the gameplay during combat. Hope you like it!


Really loving how this is progressing Dani, it’s looking really good.

Is it wrong that I wanted to know what would happen if our hero was to step off of the edge of the path? :smiley:


Great improvement, i love it :slight_smile:


Hahaha… actually nothing happens, the player is not allowed to go out of the path. I’m doing that with Raycasts but it needs improvement, I realized enemies can push you off limits.
I’m working on a demo, so you guys would be able to test it really soon :slight_smile:


Would absolutely love to have a play of this when you’re ready to share a demo.

Regarding the edges and being pushed off, might look quite nice/cute to have the character kind teetering on the edge and then regain his footing, I guess an enemy would have to back off a little… strikes me that may well fit the theme of the game…

Keep us updated Dani! :slight_smile:

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That’s a brilliant idea!!! I will totally develop that!! Thanks for adding more work to my todo list hehehehe…

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lol… Sorry! :smiley:

Ideas and support… my lot in life :wink:

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I have been experimenting with a different kind of terrain to bring more “openness”, freedom of movement and some exploration, and meanwhile I added a little animation when the player reaches the edge of the terrain. Thanks to @Rob for this great idea!
I’m still refining it but I think it works pretty well :slight_smile:


hehe, this looks really good and I’m glad you liked the suggestion.

On a refining note, I think at present it perhaps lasts a little too long. I was thinking about what would happen if the player was still being attacked by a skeleton shooting arrows for example.

Hovering over the playback time, I think ending it around 7 seconds in would be about right, probably something to play test though.

Could be quite hilarious to make the enemies stop shooting and rush the player to try and push them over the edge actually - arms out etc… :smiley:

@Rob actually the animation is a loop meanwhile you are on the edge. If you step away, the animation blends to walking, getting hurt or any other animation. I made it last longer to show it in the video :slight_smile:

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