The ShadowLight Kingdom, my first playable demo

Hi Guys,
I just uploaded the playable first level of my RPG Game, hope you like it!!
It would be awesome to get some feedback, if you are in a mac, please use Firefox as browser. The WebGL doesn’t seem to work really good in Safari or Chrome.

You can see a short trailer here:

Thanks so much for your time!


im getting this Error

The browser could not allocate enough memory for the WebGL content. If you are the developer of this content, try allocating less memory to your WebGL build in the WebGL player settings.

But it Looks really awesome!

@69Unbalance thanks so much for trying it!
Mmmm… that’s weird, I was getting the opposite error at the very beginning and then I increased the RAM memory to 2024mb and it was working fine on my computer. My brother and a close friend were able to try the demo as well, but both have Mac computers … I wonder if the issue can be related to the processor… I will decrease it, see if that fixes the issue… Thanks so much again :slight_smile:

@69Unbalance I uploaded another version to my server, I dropped the memory to 512mb, looks like some of the optimizations I did are helping to use less memory and I’m not getting errors to allocate more memory.
I hope it works for you now:
Thanks :slight_smile:

Thank You , now it work perfect! it took me 06:47 mins to get the Secret Key , but no Marshmallows :grinning: .Good work!

Hahahaha … You did well, really fast! Do you think it was too easy? And you discover the secret key fast as well… would you change/add anything? Thanks so much for trying it and for your kind words!

Very cool. Love the art. Just a taste of the story left me wanting to know what is next! Checked out the website and can’t wait to see what is to come. I wish I could have turned a bit quicker. The only frustration I had was I fell through the map here:

I like the modeling style you’re using

Oooh Thanks!! I definitely have to check my game limits, thanks for reporting the bug!!!

@Chris_Berry thanks so much! I modeled them in Blender3D, I’m learning 3D and Unity at the same time :slight_smile:

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it brings the look of fantasy that rpg games lack these days. I hope I am that creative when I start the unity course.

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This is great, real nice job!
Might be just my preference but I found the controls a little frustrating, especially trying to line up for attacks but I play a lot of games where the controls are literal directions, i.e. up moves up screen, left moves left etc.

The graphics and sound are lovely too, looking forward to seeing it progress.

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Hi @KeplerPB thanks so much for your feedback and kind words. Yes, your are totally right, I’m changing the controls to make them more friendly and intuitive :slight_smile: I had similar feedback from other people commenting the same issue…

Lags pretty hard on my (******) machine. But cool art direction though. Reminds me of “Where the wild things are”.

@da.Mattn thanks :slight_smile:
I still have to optimize it a little bit, maybe I can improve the performance for less powerful processors :slight_smile:

Very exciting to see where this leads!

@Oguz_Guvenc thanks so much! I’m improving the controls; I had some feedback about that. I’m making it more friendly and intuitive:slight_smile: I will update the demo soon…

looks fantastic, love your art style. The only constructive criticism I can offer is, I would include wasd as a movement option as well as or instead of the arrow keys. It’s what I’m used to and probably what most PC player are comfortable with.

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Hi @Stephen_Crookes! Thanks for your feedback! Yes, I’m optimizing the controls to make them more friendly and intuitive. I will update my demo soon :slight_smile:

nice, i do like the art style, and the music too.
i couldn’t really play the game at all, it was simply insanely laggy. this is probably due to it being a browser build. (using google chrome).
but yeah, besides that, the art looks neat and the music is nice, great work at those.

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