The Red Flute

Using assets from previous VR Labs in NYC - replaced Ethan with Terra Cotta warrior, rigged it and starting to build bamboo forest. Probably use speedtree for bamboos when the going gets serious. Modeled and rigged a monkey-man (smaller one) and put Neo Fur on him. Gave it an idle anim. The bigger monkey is actually a Mixamo brute with fur on him. Just testing characters and environment in Ben’s Lecture 4. Hemming and hawing between first person and third person POV for the Vive/Rift because I love the Terra Cotta warriors - which have authentic ancient Chinese costumes.

This Neo Fur component is fantastic - looks almost too real in room-scale VR. Can scare people. :wink:


Nice, so are you planning on making your RPG for VR then?

I’m also undecided between third/first person for VR RPG. I thought 3rd person was done really well by games like Chronos and particularly Edge of Nowhere but so much of the immersion n VR comes from having hand presence in first person.

Hi! Apologies for late reply, I got into Oculus Launch Pad and went back and forth from Palo Alto and NYC in the past month. Now I have to report in to Oculus every week. Building the VR RPG for Launch Pad submission project. I’m going with first person in this project and plowing thru Ben’s course now.

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