The "Not So Great What's Going on" Venus Prison Escape

You’ll laugh, You’ll scream, You have an insane A.I. chip malfunctioning in your brain!
Deal with prisoners on another planet!
Outsmart failing ancient machines!
Read! Oh My God The Reading in this Game!
This games got three buttons at the most!
Any comments are appreciated thanks for playing! I tried to add the number wizard game at the end also but got lost in code for a couple of days so I decided to pull it. Would of been cool playing a guessing game with a mad robot but I think I pulled it out just alright.
A lot of thought went into this story believe it or not.

I’m not able to play GameBucket games, can you upload it in WebGL on I can’t find a browser that will work with

I cannot. I need to update unity to 5 in order to save my file as an index file I believe. I will post a reply to you again in the future if I am able to share it on sharemygame.

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