The lamp that pounces like a cat



I couldn’t do it in 5 seconds, so I did it in 9. Used 64 samples instead of 128, 192 or even 300 because the trade-off in render time vs quality wasn’t worth it.


Most of the settings are guidelines and tuned to mikeys mac book pro at the time so its all about finding the settings for you that work with render times vs the quality you want for the final render.
Nice animation and it gets the point accross that you have followed the lectures and created an animated lamp

Job done and nice work :slight_smile:


Thank you :smiley:

I definitely would have rendered it with more samples if I could. I’m also concerned that my power supply will blow up (or burn out) because the original died and this one outputs a lower amperage (I spliced the wires from this one to my power adapter).