The Knight

I knew that when I got to the Knight staying in high-poly was going to be a challenge, and I definitely feel off about my results. There is something not quite right in the shape, especially around the eyes. Hopefully once we learn some new tricks I can go back and touch it up.


Well, I like it!
In the lessons for the human face, you will learn some tricks ( face loops, etc. ) to add the details you are missing.
But there is also something as artistic expression. So again, I like you model very much.

Your knight is awesome! What you’re probably picking up on about the eyes is that horses have them on the side of their heads not the front like a lot of other animals (and the occasional human… hehe) I own a horse so its easy for me to spot that but your knight blows mine away!!! Awesome job!

I just had a major forehead slap moment after I read that. I was a biology major, and I should have known better. Of course their eyes on the sides of their heads!

I think you’re exactly right, and I am going to go back and see if that fixes the model.

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