The Knight

As previously mentioned , I wasnt lookingn forward to doing the Knight lol
But having watched the vod a couple of times , I felt more confident.
Some things caught me out , things not scaling or extruding as expected, but that just turned out to be having my transform orientation and/or the pivot point set wrong (for what I was wanting to acheive).
Anyway here is my Knight, took much longer than Id have hoped , over 4 hrs. Its ‘okay’ I guess,
I suppose I could spend more time , but dont thing Id get a massive improvement lol.
Likes been mentioned the last 20% of the work takes 80% of the time , if you let it.
Ive coloured the mane a differnt colout just for contrast.
Also , Now ive added the Knight to the chessboard Im not sure of the scale compared to the other parts, I think I need to revisit the mane , which I think is alot bigger than Ive made it on my model.

Bishop knight


Well done taming the Horse! Low poly for such shapes is hard.


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