The knight with mouth and eyes

Hard to get the faces flat so there was many triangles when rendering, that is why I also did chose to make some triangles manually.

Any suggestion of how to make them flat? :slight_smile: Otherwise Iā€™m satisfied.

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Also went for mouth and eyes on my model. I decided to leave my mane sticking out at the back as I prefer it that way.


Nicely done!

What do you mean by flat? Smoother? If you mean smoother and less blocky looking, try setting it to smooth shading in Object mode. It is in the tool shelf on the right hand side of the viewport under the Tools tab, under shading. You have a choice of smooth or flat.

Because these are low poly models, they will still be blocky looking. You can always go back later and add more loop cuts and smooth the knight out but will add a lot of geometry to the piece. More geometry, more render time and/or more load time if you are thinking of using them in a game.

Personally, I duplicated my chess Blender file then fooled around with it after the Section was over and had some really high polygon chess pieces when they were finished. It was rather fun and challenging but at the same time took forever to render. :slight_smile:

Keep up the great work!

What I did mean with hard to get flat, is so that the quad face is flat.
The result if not flat will get it to look like this when rendered.

Thanks for the help though, people willing to help other is always appreciated :slight_smile:

I really liked how well you did while still staying simple (low poly).
The eyes are really cool, the touch with them having a soft edge in the front (the eyes) are making it unique!
Well done :slight_smile:

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