The hotkeys don't work

The hotkeys for selecting edges loops, the hotkeys for the camera view and many others, don’t work for me. I am working with the menus, but it is more difficult, because I am new to blender, and it is not easy to follow the course without the hotkeys. I work on windows and blender 8. My mouse is a 3 buttons one, and the keyboard is normal.

While Blender 2.8 is currently under development (and today a final release can be downloaded).
All other old versions can have problems, such as you experienced.
And some commands are different in 2.8. Camera walk, search etc.

Thank you for your answer. But the section course is in 2.8 blender, like the one I have. It is not one hotkey that don’t work, it’s more than a half. I spend more than an hour to simply focus the camera to see the object, and I couldn’t do it like I liked. I love the course, it’s just what I want, and the pace is good for me, but this is a little exasperating, and I am afraid of the problems that this will bring in more difficult topics.

I understand completely!
I did the complete course for Blender 2.79
Then I took the Blender environment course also. But that one is done in 2.8.
I had a lot of frustration, really!. And even stopped with the course.
But 2.8 is it! So I followed some video online, explaining 2.8 basics. And I continued with Environments lessons. Less frustration, but still having Blender versions problems (bugs, UI, crashes).
Because in every 2.8 release, they solve UI problems, but also new ones arise …

What I do is download a new Blender version, but place it in a different version folder. Not overwriting the existing one. I have still access to old 2.79 version (for all my old projects). And a 2.8 version for doing the Environments course.
And I just downloaded the latest 11 Juli pre-release version, just to test stuff and experiment with the new tools.

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It’s good to know that I am not the only one! :sweat_smile: I will download other versions and try in these. Thank you!

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