The Honesty Policy


It’s finally finished and I couldn’t be more enthused!
Please try it and let me know what you all think. Thank You


Hi Jermaine,

A very interesting idea/them for your game, well done, and for completing this section of the course and publishing your game.

One minor point, something I noticed whilst playing. There are quite a few points where there’s the story text and no option, I guessed that I would need to press Space to continue, but it was a guess. It might be worth giving the player a little more indication on those states where their only option is to press space to continue. A simple “Press space to continue” would provide that. Just a thought :slight_smile:


Thank you and dually noted I fit that into the options menu. I will have to make room somehow. I did that across the board as there were some scenes with too much text to fit that and still look cohesive. In any event I appreciate the feedback and thank you for trying my game.


You’re more than welcome Jermaine, there are a number of ways you could perhaps add it and allow for the text, you could for example tweak the font size, trim the narrative, or perhaps split the text across more than one state. Just a few thoughts :slight_smile: