The Great Sugar War! (Glitch Garden) - Original Assets

Play Here:

This lesson has become sort of an obsession for me… I would love to get some feedback! (takes about 30sec to load).

I still have a lot of work to do with level design, composing music, and recording sounds (almost done with a tutorial level as well.)

I tried to create every asset myself for this project. Then, I started to emulate features from Plants vs. Zombies.


Click on the Sugar Cubes to collect them - and defend your sugar stock.

A few features of note to coders:

The spawners work on an array which spawns a specific prefab at a specific time. I started by just lining up all the enemies outside the play area, but then all the animations played just the same (everyone moves the same, at the same time), and it looked un-natural. This new way allows them to all look like they started at different times.

Winning the level happens when the array.Length of all the spawner GameObjects = enemiesKilled.

I’ve also built a “random snarl generator” which has the Ginger Bread Men play different growls and snarls, based on random times and set frequency, stealing from the lessons original spawners. I need to populate it with some good sounds before releasing it.

Encouragement to newcomers: I had no game programing experience before starting this course. I’ve never really even drawn. Just jump in and play! Things never really work right at first.

I would love to hear your suggestions and bug reports.

Thanks for playing! (I’m able to beat all three levels - just remember your bombs :wink:).

  • Freddie

Love you hand drawn assets. Your play field, story and character have a nice feel to them. I am not sure if I had a bug with you game itself or the webplayer but on the second level it wouldn’t let me place anything. Just FYI. Good job.

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Thanks! I see what happened. I didn’t properly prefab something. Fixed now. Appreciate the head’s up!

Awesome Job! @Freddie_G :smiley: :snowman:

Thanks for checking it our, I appreciate it.

Great looking game. Did you do all those animations in the Unity Editor?

Thanks! Yup, I did them all in Unity Editor.

This is amazing! I’m jealous :slight_smile: Once I get a good base going, I want to expand on mine

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Just in time for Xmas!

The gingerbread men are amazing!

Awesome stuff! Great work! Though I’m not sure if it’s just me, but after dying a few times and restarting the first level, the game started to lag… or freeze for a few seconds at a time. I’m running Window 10 and using Mozilla Firefox :smiley:

Besides that, really nice work! Keep it up!

MAN, THAT IS AWESOME!!! How are you hosting it online, it looks like you made your own site?

Thanks! Yeah, I’m just hosting it on my own site. I have a dedicated server for some of my online businesses, so throwing up one more domain is no big deal. Happy coding.

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