The Great Big Character Thread!

Hi guys!

I’ve been working on my character modeling, taking in a lot of Sketchfab for inspiration, following a few tutorials, and getting some ideas from work and life. I’ve made a new model that I wanted to show you guys, but it gave me an idea. First of all, here’s the model!

Now, back to the matter at hand!

I propose that we have a thread running permanently where everybody can upload character models, scenes, animations, what-have-you. Original works, fanarts, tutorial works, or even stuff from our very own Udemy course; no matter the style, I encourage you guys to post your character works HERE! No; I challenge you to get out there and make some characters, and upload them here! Like a nice big gallery of our great community’s works.

Feel free to create your own specific thread in the showcase as well, because that’s what it’s for. I just love the idea of a centralized hub too for this sort of thing. I just find it so inspirational to show our budding character artists that we mean business, and to look through all the work you guys have been doing. I wanna see YOUR characters!

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Some stuff I made a long long time ago, before I even took the blender course.


Wow! Awesome work guys!

That’s really great work @Kimset! And exactly what I had hoped for a character thread. Hope to see more; the world needs character artists!

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Great idea! Here’s two character for my next game project I just finished modeling (and the reason why I didn’t participate in last week’s transportation challenge :wink:) :

The Pirate Boy

and the Pirate Girl

They were made entirely in Blender. The next step is to animate them… I can’t wait!


@AltDemon That Pirate Boy is Really Really AWESOME! :sunglasses:

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Wow these are so freakin good…WOW!