The Devil destroys the source of magic. Made with blender, daz and photoshop


This is really cool! Would you mind explaining your process a little bit? Which parts are made with which program?


Thank you, So the model is from daz studio, I’m not great at sculpting, so I take the base model import it in to blender then make some changes to the face and body in sculpt mode, the hair, outfit and wings are actually all assets, ( I’m trying to learn to make outfits and hair myself, but it’s very challenging, hair is especially difficult) I pose the model within daz studio as they have a very easy to use slider system for posing,

I then model the environment in blender this is also pretty basic, no complex modelling involved, its pretty much 2 planes with some noise textures and a rock from rock generator, once the environment is done I just import the model from daz with the diffeomorphic addon this brings the model in ready to use.
Then it’s ready to render once the model is positioned, this is the scene once rendered in blender, everything else is added in post in photoshop, which again is pretty simple as you can get ready made brushes for everything