The Complete Unity RPG Bundle: Intermediate C# Game Coding

UPDATE: I got too anxious to wait for responses, so I just went ahead with the purchase. I would still be interested to hear if anyone had any advice/warnings about compatibility with newer versions of Unity.

I’m considering purchasing The Complete Unity RPG Bundle: Intermediate C# Game Coding.

Can anyone tell me how compatible its courses/resources/included assets are with Unity 2022.2.*?

I ask because I see the Core Combat course lists “Install Unity 2018.3” as a video, and as we know there have been significant changes to Unity since then. I’ve updated/adapted older projects for newer Unity engines before, but I’d rather not take on classes if upgrading/fixing will be more of an effort than the core content.

Any feedback would be appreciated.

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I used 2022 for the rpg course and it worked fine, they also constantly update the course(rn I think it uses 2020), highly recommend the course too, I think it’s the best one GDTV has.

Edit: I see you purchased, hope it works for you!

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Christopher — Thanks for your very helpful response! I just edited my post to say that I went ahead and bought the course package anyway, but I’m glad to hear from others who have worked through it already.

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Hope you have fun with the course!

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The course holds up quite well in any version of Unity, but there is a caveat for Unity 2022.2 and beyond: Beginning with that version, you’ll need to add NavMesh tools from the Package Manager and switch to the new NavMesh system.
For the most part, the instructions are the same, at least as far as the course goes. Rather than having a “level” based NavMesh, you’ll add a NavMeshSurface component to a Gameobject in the scene. Then, when you’re ready, you’ll bake the NavMesh from that NavMeshSurface.

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Brian — Thank you for your feedback. As I said above, I already made the decision to dive in on the RPG Bundle, and I can’t wait to get started! I appreciate the heads-up regarding the NavMesh tools / NavMeshSurface component.

I’m already very impressed with the responsiveness of and the user community here!

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