The Complete Rocket Booster Game


I ended up with 5 levels -just trying to absorb as much information. I did take the whole “put yourself out there” seriously -I should narrate all video game promo videos.

However, I do think I made it my own and added some unique elements (watch out for level 5).

Here’s a link to the game:

Space = Boost
D = Rotate Right
A = Rotate Left

Get to course completion.

Here’s my promo video:

Which level do you think is the hardest?


Nice work there Joseph. Personally, I’d like a faster rotation to get me out of trouble.
Also restart the level rather than at the start is a good addition to consider.
Yes level 5 beat me.
Oh and it may not be wise to give up your day job to do voiceovers… :slight_smile:


Nice work!
I found a bit odd the momentum left after thrusting , you really have to play either careful o crazy!
Also i think you have a minor bug withe the particle effect on success, it’s not reset to [0, 0, 0] :stuck_out_tongue:


When I tested this I realize that one should restart the level not the whole game. It gets frustrating.