The cannon doesn't follow the raycast

I try along with the tutorial but the cannon doesn’t follow the raycast. Did I miss something?

Main Camera

Cannon Group

Thank you

Hmm. All your screenshots look similar to mine. Mine works, but only just. And it’s jittery.
My numbers are slightly different. Like, I have HeadMovement Sensitivity on the Camera set to 60.
The main difference are your forward arrows on the Cannon Group and Barrel.

For my Cannon Group, for both local and global, my Z (blue) arrows point toward the hoop. Rotation X property is 0.
For my Barrel, when Global is selected, my blue arrow points toward the hoop. When Local is selected, it points down. But the Rotation X property is 90 for both.

Sometimes, I notice that the cannon won’t move if my mouse isn’t in the Game window.

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