The BriarWar (My Glitch Garden implementation)

Hi folks,

So I asked, what would Plants Vs. Zombies have been like on a hex grid. It got weirder from there.

I more or less tore the code for Glitch Garden from the bottom up, keeping maybe 20% of the code. One of the major challenges in this was just the hex grid itself, for that Red Blob Games was an invaluable resource.

Once I got over the major hurdles dealing with that, I then showed the game around to a bunch of friends and acquaintances in the local Game Dev community and quickly learned that it just wasn’t obvious what they were supposed to be doing. As a result I’ve added a tutorial to the front end.

This is the final product, I’ve both made a web version and an Android version, I’d be grateful for any feedback.

Android Version (With no ads dammit)
Web Version

Update: Web load times have been a bit painful, the 11MB mp3’s that I was using got blown up to 22MB. Dropping the quality of the Ogg Vorbis helped a lot. The other important change I made was to use “Load In Background” for all of the sounds that I didn’t expect to be used in the first 30 seconds or so of play.

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I just played through the game. Great Job on coming up with a new theme outside of Glitch Garden. I thought something was bugged with one the monks until I noticed it say he had fallen down. :slight_smile:

Congrats on putting your own twist on the game…

Also, thanks for the link on the hex grids, that looks like it may come in handy in the future.


Hi Geoff,

Yeah, the monk’s falling down (getting knocked over by wolves) were one of several things I really wanted to animate, but ran out of time. I suspect if I had it would have been a great deal less confusing.

If you decide you want to do work with hex grids, I’d strongly advise using Grids Pro. I wrote my own as an exercise, but if I do something like this in the future, I’m going to use a library. If nothing else for a better search algorithm than the BFS I wrote.

Thanks a ton for the feedback,

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