The Blender Collab: Weekly Themed Gallery (Week 20: 2017) Dreams & Dreamlands

Show what’s going on in your mind when you sleep.
Your inspiration can be Alice in Wonderland.
It’s really open theme so i’m waiting for the wonderful & twisted renders. :smiley:

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Hi guys. Looks like this was a tricky theme this week. As such, I’ve borrowed @Mihaela_Emilia’s recent picture I saw this morning, as it’s very dreamscapey. If everyone is happy with this submission, would it be fine for us to allow @Mihaela_Emilia to pick the topic for next week? I think this image deserves it.

@Mihaela_Emilia wins by default! Can you please create a thread with your topic for this week?


Wow, time flew lol

I saw that of Ems probably from another site or something. But I’d agree it looks like something she dreams about :smile:

Too bad we didn’t get more people on this weekly. It was a nice topic to pick, @Animal

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Sorry i didn’t have time this week and i’m living home for 3 weeks. See you after my holidays :wink:

Well this was unexpected =D i was thinking of joining this theme i just forgot it was a weekly. Thanks @McFuzz for reminding me :slight_smile: and yeah @James_Ran you saw it on my facebook page as my new profile pic xD . And i did use for it what i normally use when i want something “twisted” and different.
Now i have to think of a really good theme for this week =D

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