The Blender Collab: Weekly Themed Gallery (Week 19: 2017) Darkness and Light

@Kolupsy_Creative and I collected all of our intellectual energy to come up with the next theme.
Darkness and Light. Let your imagination flow :wink:


When i saw the theme, i think about Pierre Soulages, a french painter who paint only in black.

So i try to do the same (but he’s a master, not me)


My attempt:


There is my work so far. I’m not sure what direction I will go with it exactly, but hopefully, I’ll have time to finish it.


First I thought to skip this one, but then I had an idea last night, which I couldn’t resist to realize.
I don’t want to embed the video, since it would take the fun away. So here’s a link to it


I’m currently working on a spaced-out Marimba… spent over half an hour on a wood-texture wich is quite simple

so what the **** happened here?

I know that these weird things have something to do with the glare effect i put on the scene…

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Till now I only could fix my problem with some photoshop magic. And I ain’t a good photoshoper. It looks a bit wierd. So I can post my nodes for the compositor if that helps finding the problem (and hopefully the soultion)…

My first interior:



Happy Monday, folks :smiley: Loving lots of submissions this week

Sorry about the mess, guys. If you have already voted, please vote again using this revised poll.

Hey guys! Thought I’d offer a helpful hint!

Some of these are wonderfully modeled, but the piece may lack an eye-catching hook or gimmick. Great renders can be overshadowed by poor composition, and putting your scene together well results in a truly portfolio-worthy picture!

We’re all familiar with Blender Guru by now, but this 30 minute video about compositions is really helpful when rendering images, in order to make them eye-catching and appealing to the human brain. Check it out to add a little special something to your next renders!


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Water drops, beautiful.

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