The Blender Collab: Weekly Themed Gallery (Week 18: 2017) Particles

How about fun with particles? The possibilities are nearly endless here.
Also you could try to introduce particles into an existing scene or objects of yours of course. Like, considering previous challenges, smoking car wheels or comet like flying rugby balls :wink:


Good Theme, Stefan.

I probably won’t be able to participate, but if anyone is short of ideas, how about this for a suggestion…

A scene focused on a sniper shooting his gun at maybe something explosive like a gas tank or fruit!! :watermelon: :watermelon:

Hope to see some cool things this week.

PS: :potable_water: :balloon: :balloon:

Great idea Stefan! A great challenge, i will definitely learn a bit participating in this one! This weeks collaboration results should be very cool… can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with!

Do only particle systems count?

What kind of things do you have in mind?

Fluids and other simulations

I would say we can extend this :wink:
Then we may get more entries as well

Ok good. I’ll be back soon with some delicious beer. :grin:



I personally are not happy with the material of the Fluid. It does not look like froth

I like the style :wink:
Concerning the froth, maybe something like noise as mix factor (diffuse with glass maybe??) and/or bump map? I have to confess, my knowledge about fluids in blender is really basic yet. Such simulations are so immensely time consuming and hard to get good looking.

Here is my entry. I’m not fully satisfied. It moves to fast to recognize the coffee beans as what they are and the fake fluid (just a mesh with wave modifier and a noise texture for it) isn’t really convincing.


I quite like it. It only looks odd because the beans “falling” in to the cup is that the stream is to regular. The beans should fall in different speeds and move a bit more randomly. And to add the little bit of perfection to it, it would be fantastic if the beans splahed into the coffee

Yeah, thats one of the many things that need improvement :wink: the huge lack of dynamic feel

and i do not even know the tiniest bit about, what you did. for example: how did you get the animation to last 15 seconds? I tried some rigid body domino animation and it froze after the 250 frames… :disappointed:
what can i do to increase the length of the animation. No Youtube video could give me any explanation yet.
if you could tell me I’d really appreciate that :relieved:

Hey guys! Tricky one this week. Hopefully we see more people return for next week’s weekly. And let’s decide it now :smiley:

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Second times a charm; broke my poll.

Yes, that’s really a tricky one. Also because depending on what you use (particles, smoke, rigid body), it’s always somewhere else to find.
In Particles it’s the lifetime, so they don’t disappear.

In Smoke it’s in the cache settings of the domain.

When using physics (soft and rigid bodies) it’s (you’d never guessed that) in the scene tab under Rigid Body Cache. Somehow it makes sense since there is not a separate domain for it like for smoke and it would be painstaking to set it up individually on every single dynamic object if you just change the length even a frame.

Oooh. That thing is in the scene tab for digit and soft body. I was searching in the physics tab like a maniac and did not find anything

That’s what I ment.
But thanks a lot

It’s a tie :smiley:

@Kolupsy_Creative and @Stefan_Stockinger, you guys can either share a topic by merging an idea of each of you, or we can give it to Kolupsy, as Stefan decided last week.

Or we can play rock, paper scissors for it o3o

I’ll leave it to you guys to sort it out, please post the new thread with your topic for this week when you’ve figured it out :smiley:

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