The Blender Collab: Weekly Theme Gallery (Week 25: 2017) Game Of Thrones

In honor of the premiere on the awesome tv series Game Of Thrones yesterday i thought i would make this weeks challenge about anything to do with GOT. Could be a character or a dragon or a building …a city like kings Landing or a castle like Winterfell…maybe a model from that awesome intro it has full of neat 3d models or even the wall of ice ! There is so much to GOT we should end up with some neat entries :slight_smile:


If you haven’t watched Game of Thrones and are ever thinking about it, you should be careful in this thread, and ESPECIALLY careful looking up ANYTHING online about it.

I made this; so this is my submission unless I make another one xD

Good thinking McFuzz i didnt think about that i just assumed everyone watches Game of Thrones haha I mean how can you not… life is just meaningless without it lol Well not really , but yeah smart thinking wouldnt want to spoil it for future GOT fanatics! TY mate!

I only saw the first season, but I have read all the books, so still know the story pretty well.

I’m looking forward to seeing what folks come up with this week. :slight_smile:

You may not be as safe as you think; the TV series has surpassed the book, with a couple of very large noticable spoilers. I live in Australia, and the local news and media outlets are trying their very damndest to spoil it for everyone.

Meanwhile George R. doesn’t want to continue writing the books just to spite people who are worried he will die before their completion, so he is punishing book fans by making them watch the TV series or they get nothing.

I like the theme but I am flying off to a holiday for a week tomorrow so I wont be able to participate. (and also because it looks like I can’t create anything that would take less than a day to complete) :slight_smile:

Anyways, I am hoping to see nice renders next week!

Cheers, and be creative!


:slight_smile: it smell like an animation for me !! Excellent subject.

I was wondering why book 6 hadn’t been published yet. From what I read during an interview with him, there was originally supposed to be 6 books, but book 5 was so large his publisher suggested he cut it into 2, and his wife (then girlfriend) suggested 7 books, 1 for each kingdom in the series. It also mentioned books 5 and 6 take place during the same time period, just with a different set of characters in each.

It’s really a shame that he’s doing this, as I don’t subscribe to pay-for cable channels, and a lot of folks I know don’t either, so he’s really punishing us by not publishing the books. To me that’s a slap in the face, and I don’t know another author who would even consider doing something like that. As far as I’m concerned, that’s extremely foolish, as I always enjoy the books more.

Oh, and as far as the TV series “surpassing” the books, that’s a matter of opinion, as I found the first set of DVDs I rented from Netflix missing a lot of the important details of the books.

As I don’t watch TV much and refuse to pay for 100+ channels that I’ll never watch, I’ll be sitting this one out.

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Well the service that offers GoT in my country went down on Monday, people who were paying to watch it first were vulnerable to the spoilers being uploaded by the pirates. Yarrrrrr.

Oh, lol, no, it’s not a matter of opinion; I meant the TV show has overtaken the story in terms of progression and character arcs. The books are now ‘behind’ in terms of character storylines, by a whole season in fact. Season 5 covered the story up to the end of the (currently existing) 5 books. However, George R has said that it’s going to be slightly different to what happens in the books (For example, the books don’t have the Night King.) when he eventually writes them someday (unless he dies first). I didn’t mean that the TV show was better lol.

They’re different experiences. At this point, the show will be finished before the books are, so if you want to fast-track the story for yourself, the show is the way to go. You’re totally right about the books being split (although I think that was 3 and 4, since book 6 hasn’t been written yet.)

There’s a bunch of junk happening with Jorah Mormant in the new seasons which, I asked one of my book friends what he thought about it in the TV series and he said it was, quote “Total bullshit” lol

Yes, I had heard that from someone who was watching the series, but hadn’t read the books. He kept wanting to compare notes, as it were. :wink:

At one point he asked me “Did they really do that in the book?”, and I said, “Oh, you don’t know the half of it.”


Do… Do I win?

It’s starting to look that way

Hi everyone

So sorry im late…it has been a very busy day and week for me! Well it looks like the game of thrones category got no love hahah So yes… yes you do Mcfuzz you are our grand champion for this weeks GOT challenge! so next weeks theme is all yours my friend… If you could please create a thread with the new theme and hopefully this weeks challenge is a little busier :slight_smile:

I do have an old game of thrones building i made way back when …i will post it here in a bit just so when looking back the thread has at least 2 renders … All weeks cant be a smashing success right :slight_smile:

I give you the Temple of Dosh Khaleen where khaleesi ate a whole horses heart to prove herself then burned all the horse lords alive emerging naked and all powerful lol … …i made this eons ago for the section 7 sections building of our all powerful Blender course… still needs finishing one day when im so motivated, i just thought it was a cool looking structure! Plus anything that gets khaleesi naked must be immortalized methinks haha


Not enough time this week for my project.

I think i’ll finish it in august :wink:

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