The Blender Collab: Weekly Theme Gallery (Week 24: 2017) Futuristic machines

Hi everybody,

Me and @Capricas_Kirito won the last week challenge and we have put our heads together to come up with an inspiring weekly challenge.

Weekly theme is:


Futuristic machines / robots / androids.

Contest is for everybody within the community and like before, final entries should be uploaded Sunday latest and voting will take place on Monday. Voting is for everyone as well so you don’t need to have participated.

I have dug up some images to feed the imagination:

I will update this post later but I just wanted to get this started so you know the theme!

Cheers, Jax (and Capricas_Kirito)


Awesome! Love the theme this should make for some very cool blends! Will be a good week :slight_smile:


I think we can expect a lot of X-Wings and Tie Fighters :rofl: with that Star Wars Pic


I have a futuristic motorcycle underway but dunno if i can finish it in time! Its slow goin!

Hi there, let me inroduce to you my little project, its so simple because of time)
He run through pandora desert from ex, because he can :smile:


A egg transport robot :


Ok, I know it’s bad form for me to post this week but…

here is my down & dirty Viper Mk II


I was making a futuristic motorcycle but there is no chance in hell i could get it done in time… this is as far as i got haha

Cylons out as i had done quite a bit of work on that before and only made parts of it this week…i am gonna try and get a somewhat finished version of the bike!

Capricas its not bad form! More renders we have in the thread the better! Sweet Viper Mate!
Jakarta love the humor in your scene, great imagination a robot running away from his smiling ex he doesnt care if its into a barren dessert hes outta there hahah its real life lol giving me flashbacks from other years of mine haha great scene mate!
AApef again great imagination with your egg transport robot! And awesome model as usual… love the work and the scene!


@Aapef nice model and background
@Capricas_Kirito Anaconda model next?)
And traditionally @rszarka so much detailed space ship, love it

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Well this is the best i could come up with by the deadline…will have to add it to the pile of half finished blends and finish it properly another day…Hoping it looks super cool one day when done :slight_smile:
I give you the womba hybrid electric / water combustion zoom bike of the not too distant future lol


Hi everyone,

I am not participating into this challenge but I wanted to create something myself as well. And it turned out once again I didn’t have enough time to do all the cool things I planned but well, eventually I got something nice together.

I wanted to create an android and rig it and but I completely run out of time. Well, maybe in the next life I will have more time and I can complete what I had in mind.

Anyway, hope you like it. I call it “Cry of the Android”, even though there’s a bit missing elements :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Be creatitve!

Cheers, Jax


Another great week ! Many thanks to Jax and Capricas for the awesome theme!

I was thinking that if the contest holders take the time to make a model for the challenge there is no real reason they should be excluded from taking part in the weekly contest right? If anyone disagrees please mention it as its up to all of us how this thing works! …So i have included capricas and jax in the voting .

.Its time to vote, please select your favorite futuristic machine from the poll below.

  • Jakarta
  • Aapef
  • Capricas Kirito
  • Rszarka
  • Jax

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Jax i really like your android scene mate it reminds me of a movie i cant think of the name, i like the moody kind of lonely warehouse atmosphere and lighting! Thats volumetrics right? You doing really good at figures…im hopeless at any kind of organic shape haha

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Thanks @rszarka! I like your futuristic bike! It reminds me of Batman’s cool bike. I like the gas tank (or the equivalent part), not sure if that runs on gasoline :wink:

Yeah, it’s volumetric, the shader was actually really easy to setup. I wanted to crate a scene with warehouse full of android and this one particular one in the spot light would be reaching to the light screaming and being the only powered one, the rest would be faces and hands down unpowered. But I ran out of time to do that :slight_smile:

I am going to make a suggestion as well. What about if we would extend this challenge into two weeks occasionally at least? So that you wouldn’t feel stressed trying up to hit the deadline? What do you guys think of this?

Cheers, Jax

@Aapef mate, how did you set bkg image with your model such - its beautiful, you now its pretty nice and looks useful)
Its kind of environmets settings?)

It’s “just” an HDR backround image.

But i do some compositing operations to integrate the model.

I don’t remenber the first tuto i used months ago, but i think it’s like this tuto :

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I think it could be both good and bad. On one hand it would allow us to try more complicated ideas. But, that would limit less experienced people’s ability to compete.

I actually do disagree. I would feel pretty bad about winning at my own picked theme. In my mind that’d be like someone from the lottery commission winning the lottery.

I was pretty amazed the topic pickers never won through sheer coincidence for 20 weeks prior.

I think the weekly should stay weekly. We operated a monthly once and nobody participated; at least if someone picks an unpopular weekly theme, people who want to participate in a better theme only need to wait until next week rather than half a month.

Wow all kinds of chatting going on here :slight_smile: Thanks for the votes on my zoom cycle guys!

In regards to weekly or fortnightly topic, i think we should take Mcfuzzs advice here…he thought up this concept and ran it for almost 2 years and probably knows what works best as he tried all kinds of different formats over this time. So is everyone ok with us sticking to the weekly format? We could always create a seconds contest thread that is bi-weekly?

It also sounds like the topic picker has always been allowed to compete in the challenge so probably best to keep things how they have always been unless someone feels strongly about these topics? In which case we can discuss further and maybe vote on them?

Thanks to everyone for their thoughts on all of this and a great week of awesome submissions…i will go now and create this weeks theme …winner gets a small surprise Blender related gift from me :slight_smile:

Sometimes, if the submitter wins, you may just want to get them to collaborate with the person with the second-most votes, unless that person wants to concede to the person who came second. There’s nothing wrong with them participating; it’s likely that they will, considering that the submitter would pick a topic they’re enthusiastic towards.

If it gets to the point where the same person wins every week then you should re-assess it lol. I think a bi-weekly in addition to the weekly could be a good idea. Monthly is a bit -too- much time and easier to forget.

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