The Blender Collab: Weekly Theme Gallery (Week 23: 2017) Martial Arts

Since the Weekly Collab has been absent for a few weeks now i thought i would carry the torch for Mcfuzz until he comes back and keep the weekly going on for everyone as i think it has always been a great part of this community and would be a real shame if it ceased to exist.
So this weeklies theme is Martial Arts, …could be a character…or maybe a martial arts weapon or symbol …maybe even a ninja temple …whatever your imagination can come up with to do with the martial arts.
Just to put a twist on things the winner will not only get to choose next weeks theme but will recieve a zip file of 20 plus Blender materials. This collection is open source materials that I have collected over the last year or so from Blendswap and other similar places it s a good pack!
Maybe each weeks host could offer some sort of small prize for each contest from now on if they want. That way we also share with each other our useful Blender tools/ Materials / scripts / tutorials…

This contest is for all skill levels, beginners and advanced alike! Dont be shy …No matter your skill level you are welcome and we want to see your work… join us and add to the contest, there is no criticism or negativity here only advice / help and admiration from fellow 3d lovers! Please Join the fun and learning… add your Martial Arts based render :slight_smile:

Final entries are Sunday of this week, voting for the winner will commence Monday morning.
Please note: Voting is for everyone in the community, you do not have to take part in the contest to vote for your favourite render.


Hi there, ok lets try some mar…mortal arts)
battle for respect, green hat won :sweat_smile:


The first thing that came to my mind when I read the theme was the martial art of Ninjutsu, so i decided to make some of the weapons used by the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtels (The Nunchaku [Michelangelo], the Bo [Donatello], and the Sai [Raphael]) … Hope you like it :smiley:.


Awesome work guys!
looks like brown hat is gonna get cooked hahha i like the scene mate!
I nearly made the exact same thing Adragon … was going to make nunchucks and sais but changed my mind last minute…glad i did now haha! You guys are fast workers …mine is taking forever and its a pretty simple model…

Heres Mr Smiley Face Ninja …my entry is not part of contest as i am the host this week …just wanted to join the fun and get a render in :slight_smile: I will yet do a better job of this …cell shaded texturing …clean it up…glossy eyes etc…i just dont have the extra time to finish it up properly this W end.


Limited as my skills, or lack there of, are, I thought I’d keep it simple this time. Here is a Do-jo for you guys to practice in. (BYOW)


Capricas your skills are not limited! This dojo is great!

Hi all,

This is my entry to the Martial Arts weekly collab. I spent way too much time on this and to be honest it’s far from being finished. I had to cut down so many corners, specially today, since deadline forced me to get stuff done. I saw this challenge already 2 days too late so I could have started on it and then I didn’t have so much time on the weekend I had wished. But that’s the same for everybody I guess. :slight_smile:

I went first time to create cloths for a model which turned out to be very challenging but fun. As you can see the uniform is far from perfect and I wanted really to have spend more time on it but at least my model is not naked, the armature works pretty well and also the cloths deform decently. I really want to spend more time on many materials because I just had to rush them trough to get anything done.

Hopefully you like it! Be creative!

Cheers, Jax


I’m looking forward to being able to do a decent model of a human. Looks real good Jax


Awesome work everyone…great entries this week…you guys rock. Ok its time to vote just select your favorite entry from the poll below, the person with the most votes wins! Good luck everyone and thanks so much for participating with your awesome entries! The winner will get to host next weeks challenge and pick the theme, also will recieve a materials pack from me :slight_smile:

  • Jakarta
  • ArabDragon
  • Capricas_Kirito
  • Jax

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Many congratulations to Capricas_Kirito and Jax as our winners both recieving an equal amount of votes
Capricas / Jax i will send you both a Dropbox link after this post for you to download your materials pack prize …
Can you please talk to each other via message and decide on a theme together then start another thread with your topic for this weeks contest, just copy and paste the title of this thread as the subject but change the week to 24 and add your theme to the post title.
It is not mandatory to include a prize. But if you want you could give materials…textures…or links to useful tutorials or some other little Blender related prize for your contests winner …
Many congratulations on your great work and win guys!
Thanks to all for taking part in our weekly collaboration!


Hi all,

Thank you and congratulations for first of all to @Capricas_Kirito and the rest of the creators @DrBane @jakarta for such a nice works! I wanna also thank @rszarka for organizing and taking the initiative to organize this week’s event! So thank you all!

I have contacted Capricas so we can try to come up with a theme so this fine tradition can continue. We will be posting it here hopefully soon!

Meanwhile, be creative!

Cheers, Jax

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