The Blender Collab: Weekly Theme Gallery (Week 22: 2017) Living Board Games

wanted to start a collaboration on tools. We had that already…
So for this week it is Board Games that come to live. For example like that crazy chess game in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s stone. Release all your creativity :wink:
I am exited to see what you come up with.
Happy modeling!

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This is my entry so far. it did not take very long to make. I just wanted something simple


I’ll be honest, I don’t know what to do at this point.

Mcfuzz: Random 8 ball of all regular participants? Or ask for a volounteer for the next topic? If you do that please leave my name out as my computer is broken and waiting for the new one to arrive…why I have not been around for awhile.

Haha, I like their expressions.

Mcfuzz …your not giving up on the weeklies are you?

Mcfuzz have you given up on the weeklies? If so maybe someone else could take it over if you dont mind? It would be a real shame for these to end! I know participation has been low every now and then but maybe we could bring it back to life somehow? ANyways let me know if you have decided to stop them and if you would mind if myself or someone else tried to bring them back to life again…


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