The Blender Collab: Week 25 Themed Gallery (“PPE”) Voting Over Winner FedPete

You can mess with Covid-19 big time with this outfit!

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Tremendous effort Yee, it’s looking very good!


Better safe than sorry. :laughing: :duck: :racehorse: :cloud:


Thanks! I go really inspired with this one, it started as something really simple, but then I had to force myself to stop xD

for a second there, I thought you were replying to my submission (bc it’s right below it); & you can imagine: “I got really inspired with this one…started as something simple…then had to force myself to stop…” I thought you were having a sex-romp or something, inspired by…well, anyway…hahaha :rofl:. (it’s not you, it’s me…)

anyway, Yee, your mining robots are awesome!


More info on PPE - Protective suit in a hazardous environment


Never walk away from home ahead of your axe and sword. You can’t feel a battle in your bones or foresee a fight.

~The Havamal

  • dirt, wood, tree bark, leather
  • Celtic patterns from Google image search with “labeled for reuse” enabled
  • Metal materials procedural
  • Trees made using Sapling addon
  • Time Spent: 27 hours (according to time tracker addon)
  • More details about construction process in this thread if you’re interested

Awesome stuff guys! It’s already going to be tough to choose, and I have a feeling there will still be a few more.

@FedPete Welcome to the party! You’ve been holding out on us! :open_mouth:

@Bradley_Bowers A provocative work! Are you anticipating the competition will be graded on a… curve? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Use Earmuffs and Dragon Skin Gloves while dealing with Mandrakes!


Geez we have so many amazing ones this week! Great job guys!


Tried to extend my lab project though i wasnt able to get it as i planned .


My guess is you spent quite a bit of time on this one pal!

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Great work everyone, amazing job!

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Ok time over. Some great entries. Good variation of item too.

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Time to vote.
There’s only one rule: don’t vote for yourself :roll_eyes:

Aside from that rule, you can choose the parameter to judge the entries, some possibilities:

  • best embodies the theme
  • most colorful
  • funny
  • technically advanced
  • realistic

Note: These are just thumbnails representing the submissions to save space. If you want to see the full submissions, scroll up ↑
In order of submission.

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How do you get the lightray of the flashlight?


Because I added a lite volumetric fog (principled volume) to the scene. (Just a cube, with that shader)
If you do this in Cycles, you get a lot of firefly problems.
The squares at the beginning of the beam is just an Eevee artifact.
I have no idea (yet) how to get rid of it. But I saw it also as a lucky accident (I like it).

Here a test run in Cycles 128 samples. The beam is nearly gone, but the light glow is much much better. In Eevee I added more lights to get some of the glow back (it’s not all blooming effect).
And in my final scene, I used 7 lights.


It looks like so. But it’s all basic Blender stuff you can learn here. Really!
PPE Suite just a bunch of spheres attached to an armature (for posing arms). The barrel is a cylinder. The flower is a random thing. The wall and floor, using a cell fracture add-on (breaks a cube into parts).
Important is time and project management!
You need to be able to finish on time. And easily switch, combine, move and or re-use objects.


:rofl: Not my intention. :rofl:
But while I was working on my latest animation, I became disillusioned with animation aspects of Eevee. And then I saw this challenge, got some renewed inspiration. Taking distance from the other project and rethinking how to solve my Eevee problems later on.
With this weekly challenge I had no problems with Eevee at all. I even liked Eevee …


The glow in the cycles version is cool, but it’s a bit over-powering. Also the spotlight is pretty crucial, so it sucks to lose it. I think you made the right choice going with the Eevee render.

This was my only nitpick, since the rest of the beam is smooth, and the scene is high poly. A very minor thing though. I think “Tile Size” is how you change it:

Lower numbers are higher quality, so 2 px is actually the best, but more intensive.


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