That noise on the base

Here’s my lamp, in a very lighty scene, I have this problem on the red glossy base. How can I fix that? Setting up lights the glitch can be limited, but what if I want this exactly amount of light?
In other discussions I read about the clamp settings, and this render is done with a 2.0 value of both direct and indirect clamp. At 0 clamp (default) fireflies are even more, argh!

EDIT: I thought that could be a geometry problem, but the base is already a really high poly geometry

The course mentions in some (probably later) lecture playing with the render settings (like number of samples) for noise. Playing with the lighting helps too. This is an issue with the Cycles render. It’s worse in dim light. You can really ramp up the quality, but then the render takes quite a bit longer and uses more memory.

Hi Alessandro_De_Patre,

I would imagine it’s a geometry problem of some kind, but hard to say without seeing the actual .blend file. Maybe you could share it so it’s easier to check it out?

It could be lighting problem but it looks like very concentrated on certain area of the render which makes me think it’s geometry based issue. Specially if the fireflies can’t be removed by adjusting the clamping value of indirect / direct lights.

Cheers, Jax

Animated Lamp.blend (1.3 MB)

Hi Jax,

here’s the .blend file (didn’t know I could share this kind of files!). As you can see, the base isn’t so “spiky” and there’s no unwanted geometry (or maybe I can’t see the issue). In general, also with other models I tried to render, sometimes I can’t just clear all fireflies and light dots, not even rising the sample value, clamp, etc.
Also thank to Todd_Vance, but in lectures and in other students’ stuff, renders are smooth and clean. But even with an higher sample value (and other light options) I have these issues!

P.S. Sorry for my awful english :worried:

Ciao Alessandro,

Thanks for sharing the file. It’s actually a geometry based problem (you have overlapping geometry which causes a phenomenon called z -fighting). If you check your lamp base obejct in the hierarchy (under lamp rig) you have the geometry you used to form the object (thus beziers, meshes etc.). So if you disable the rendering of those then you have nice clean render. You can do this by clicking the camera icon next to the object in the hierarchy (outliner view). You have already correctly disabled the view portrendering (eye icon), but since the camera is still active it will end up in the final render.

You probably can also set back the indirect and direct clamping to 0 since this was not your issue originally. When ready to render the final image(s) try first with higher samples and then start playing with clamping if you still have fireflies in the test render.

Hope this helps!

Arrivederci, ciao!


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Really thanks Jax! The render now is properly accurate as it scales with samples. Didn’t know that objects disabled in view portrendering could be rendered anyway in the end. Thanks again for you time and help, hope this thread will be useful for other students.


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You are most welcome! Glad I could help!

Cheers, Jax

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