Thanks to this course I made a game on android (with Unity)

Hi everyone!

After taking half of the course, I started working on a new puzzle game for Android. The course is great and thanks to it I could easily make models to use in my game. I didn’t make the frog though, but I did rig and animate it (thank you lamp animation chapter! :)).

Also I have developed an in-game puzzle editor! It was quite interesting to make this feature work and add the QR codes for sharing etc. So I hope you will like the game and make some cool puzzles of your own! :slight_smile:

The concept of the game is very simple: the frog must step on all the platforms before reaching the exit. With teleporters, falling platforms and rewind capabilities it gets quite challenging! :slight_smile:

Google Play Link:

The facebook page where I put new levels once in a while (and you can too!):


(the quality is better in the game than in the gifs! ^^)


Oh cool! It’s like Stephen’s Sausage Roll but doesn’t make me die inside and cry in a corner.

This is pretty fantastic quality, and really good for teaching kids logical thinking :smiley:

Haha I didn’t know that game! But glad to know mine doesn’t make you die inside and cry! ^^
And thank you very much for your kind comment! Indeed it may be a good introduction to logical thinking and programming (kind of).

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