Text101 game - NOT Walking Dead

Trying out the Unity 5 Web GL build type. Here is a link on Gamebucket:

Hey Kevin,

I tried out your game a bit and ran into some issues. I think it may be with your scene directions. The first decision scene, I choose to go to the elevator, then I had to return. At which point the description acted as if I had taken the med’s already, which I had not. And the description never offered the idea that I could take more med’s but the options at the bottom suggested I could.

Think you might want to review the text and relations of where each letter input leads you next.

Good basis for a story though, like the “not a” idea to it.

Thanks much for playing and for the feedback! You know, I was playing with some booleans for things like “took the meds”, “found the axe” and so on - in place of having states for each different combo. I wanted to add a layer like if(tookMeds){ } then add a bit to the narrative text and show some different options. However, the fact that the states act inside the Update() function meant it kept adding the additional narrative. I went back and simplified the choices, but I guess I missed that one.
Much appreciated!

I did something similar, you may have missed one part of the step perhaps to get it to function the way you wanted.

if you do something like:

if (conditiona == true && conditionb == false) { post this text}
else if (conditiona = false && conditionb == true) {post this text instead}

and have that all in the same state, it would only show the states text related to the true function.

I tracked the conditions using integers set to a specific number (also inside the if statement) so for instance
int conditiona;
// 0 = false, 1 = true… or 0 = blue, 1= red, 2 = green for example
conditiona = 0;
text.text = “do you want to pick up the [b]lue, [r]ed, or [g]reen block”;
if (input.getkeydown(keydown.B)) { conditiona = 1;}
(later state)
if (conditiona == 1) { do something because they choose the blue block earlier }

Not sure if that helps, boolean’s do the same thing later, but I didn’t know how to use them by session 3. I knew how to use integer’s.

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