Text101: Choose Your Own RESEARCH Adventure

Hi, I just completed my Text101 game called “Choose Your Own RESEARCH Adventure.” It is still very much a draft in terms of color choices, more than likely we will ask our Design Services to determine how it should look. The text was written by a fellow librarian who kindly let me use it! Had to use scenes and Load on Click to get it to work, there are over 40 scenes with a very non-linear progression.


If anyone is curious, here are all of the scenes and the connections in bubbl.us: https://bubbl.us/?h=359254/6b11c3/35wuM6qkLuW/I&r=1910115716

Best, Danielle


Hi, very cool and original idea -I like it :blush:

I did find a possible issue on the frame where there is a “take a survey” button, it didn’t seem to work.
Otherwise, great job and thanks for sharing!

Wow… this must have been a lot of work mapping the scenes etc pp

Nice job! :slight_smile:

Very cool idea. I have been trying to add buttons on my story for a while now, with no luck. Would it be possible to see a sample of your code to help me better understand?

Thanks in advance,

Hi Wesley,

There is actually very little coding involved, each part was
created as a scene and then the buttons have a simple on trigger script so that
when the button is clicked it opens the appropriate scene. Fiddly and a
lot of work but the only way I could figure out how to do it at this stage.

Best, Danielle

Thanks Blue, I will take a look at the code for that scence and see what is going on. The survey should open in a new window. – Danielle

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