Text Adventure - Prison Escape feat. Cardboard box and Cabbages!

Hello everyone,

Here is my version of the text adventure game we’ve been working on. Had quite a lot of fun creating this with my little boy who came up with some of the choices. We tried to add a little puzzle (the door lock) but it’s pretty clunky.

Looking forward to what’s next!

Prison Text Game


I enjoyed playing your game. I really liked the keypad idea - typing in the combinations and the clues. Sad panda is cute :slight_smile:

Great game, it was lots of fun! It reminds me of the ones my brother used to make long ago. :smile:

Hello there! I enjoyed the formatting that you gave your text. I also really like the idea of asking the player what he or she will do. It makes me feel involved in the game and encouraged to make important decisions. Great job!

well done, i liked the addition of the keycode idea :slight_smile:

Great game!

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