Text Adventure inspired by opening of Duke Nukem 3D

game design document of sorts…

Duke Nukem(TM, GearBox and 3d Realms, I think) text adventure


  1. first person
    player: Duke Nukem, responds to keyboard commands can get or drop
    pistol, pistol ammo, RPG, or metal box of rockets, or jump through
    gaping vent, or craw through large window (but not small window), or
    go left or right.

  2. pistol-n getable
    initially n=15, n decreases by one every time it is fired.

  3. pistol ammo getable: if duke has both pistol ammo and pistol, pistol becomes pistol-15 and
    ammo vanishes.

  4. RPG-n getable, initially n=5, n decreases by one every time it is fired.

  5. Metal box of rockets getable: If duke has both rockets and RPG, rockets vanish and RPG
    becomes RPG-5

  6. Lizard: in 3 states, alive, wounded, dead.

  7. Canisters: if fired at, they explode and disappear, and duct behind it now has a gaping vent.

  8. Boarded door: if fired at by RPG, becomes door with gaping hole

  9. Door with gaping hole—similar to a large window. can walk through.


  1. fire pistol: at
    lizard: if lizard is alive, lizard becomes wounded. If lizard is
    wounded, lizard becomes dead. If lizard is dead, gibs fly and lizard
    remains dead. At anything else: nothing happens.

  2. Fire RPG: at lizard: if lizard is alive or wounded, lizard becomes dead. If
    lizard is dead, gibs fly evereywhere and lizard disappears. At
    anything else (except canister or door or window): duke dies, game over.

  3. go left: if there is something left, change room

  4. go right: if there is something right, change room

  5. crawl through window: if window is large, change room

  6. Jump into duct: if duct has gaping hole, fall to new room.

  7. Go through door: if has gaping hole, new room, else blocked.

Time passage:

if in the same room with a live or wounded lizard, and the number of prompts (total is
NOT reset if duke leaves and reenters the room), is such that
2prompts-with-live-lizard+1prompts-with-dead-lizard >= 8, duke
dies and game ends.

Room 1: rooftop

getable: pistol15


jump down duct: room

Room 2: ground below tall building

live lizard

road to left

large window visible only if lizard dead or vanished

window: room 3
left: room 4

Room 3: Dilapidated apartment

Getable: RPG5
Getable: Pistol ammo

hall to left: room 5
window: room 2

room 4: In front of a theater

boarded-up doors
small ticket window
live lizard in window (counted as in room 4)

large window: room 5
craw through door with hole: room 6
road to right: room 2

room 5: shabby apartment,

window: room 4
hall goes right: room 3

Room 6: Inside theater lobby

Getable: metal box of rockets

door with hole goes to room 4

Game ends (with “to be continued”) if both lizards dead.

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This brings back memories :slight_smile:
Awesome game!

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