Text Adventure : Elixir of Life


Just uploaded my new game, be awesome to get some feedback:

Notification: The resolution was not set properly, the following link provides a new version with an appropriate WebGL resolution.


Hi Susanne,

It looks like you forgot to set the resolution when you built your game. The text is getting chopped off :frowning:


Within the iframe where the game appears, scroll down, and scroll right, and then click on the Full Screen button. :slight_smile:



Hi Altix,
thanks for your message, jup, not good ;). Here is a better version.

Have fun :).


Really interesting game mechanic, I don’t think I fully understood what I was meant to do though :slight_smile:

I did hit a bug right at the start - if you enquire about the state of the human right away you fail the game, you can then restart again and choose the same option and get an update on the human - I’m assuming that should have been shown on the 1st attempt rather than ending the game?


Hi Altix,

thanks for testing my game :). The option to fail the game at the start is part of the game, sometimes stupid things happen. The reason is that Magda died at the accident (human’s death is assigned randomly). But you are right, I should have changed the name of the new “human” when you replay the game.

You, as a robot, are responsible for your human, that s/he is alive and not dehydrated until rescue is there. In a next step I want extend the game with notifications from magda (0.5 % dehydration, Magda: I’ve headache, etc) The notifications of Magda should than represent the symptoms of humans when they are dehydrating. When you loose 20% water of your body you are dead. You prevent your human from dehydration with collecting wool and knitting water sponges, which are able to extract water from hot air.