Text 101 Game Completed, Uploaded, & Playable

Nope is not posting my game publicly since looks exactly like Ben’s game. I was able to play the game locally and was successful in uploading playing it on www.sharemygame.com. But, is doing the happy dance because has completed the section much to my amazement and surprise. This from the girl running from scripts screaming not more than 10 days ago! :slight_smile:

I haven’t had the time to think up a different story or diagram it. I was so busy trying to make sense of it all that was being taught just wasn’t enough hours in the day. Maybe we try to do that next weekend and then share it.

I did want to point out an issue I had with the WebGL build in Unity 5.6.1.f1 (yes, is an update out at least for Mac users…is suppose to allow use of visual studio within Unity but so far I am not seeing that it works) I had a couple of issues with the Build freezing up and not responding at the point in the image below. I was able to fix the issue by deleting the Build file folder and it contents then reran the Build. It froze again at another point in the compile so followed the same steps above and the 3rd time it worked just fine. Not sure what was up with it freezing, although it could be some sort of bug with this new version on Unity. Just wanted to make folks aware.

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