Text 101 Design - Pranking Dragons for Tea and Profit

I couldn’t think of anything serious that I wanted to do, so I drew on a setting and character I already had in mind.

What is your game theme?

A medieval high fantasy romp through caves with a sizable helping of absurd comedy.

What is an image that sums up your game theme?

It is very hard to portray any level of comedy through concept art that isn’t mine. Hah hah.

Who is the player?

Ophilia Roselle Lilyspring, a hedge witch with a love of tea, flowers, and ridiculous pranks.

What is the goal?

Ophilia seeks Dreamwort, a wondrous ingredient for what she believes will make the most fanciful tea. It lies somewhere within the Dreamsilk Caverns, which are labyrinthine and filled with dangerous Dreamspiders and Earthbeasts. Worse yet, a dragon recently moved in where it grows, and he probably doesn’t want visitors. He doesn’t even pay rent-- what a jerk!

That’s okay, though. It might seem a little bit above her pay grade, but nothing gets between Ophilia and tea time. Not even a dragon.

Ophilia must avoid or outsmart the dangers of the cavern, figure out a way to teach that freeloading pile of scaly garbage a lesson, and make it back home for tea time with the Dreamwort. All in a day’s work.

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That looks cool, would like to see more or play the game

Someday soon I will have it playable. It’s incredibly likely my project will be finished this week, in fact!