Tex Adventure (for Tex Murphy fans)

I decided to take the plunge and write my own adventure, some parts are sort of cribbed from the lecture, but I threw a bunch of new stuff in there, too, and tied the whole thing up in the Tex Murphy universe, with throwbacks to Overseer, and I even got a remixed theme from Pandora Directive and figured out how to throw it in there (with the author’s consent, his name is Mat Van Rhoon AKA ChronoWolf). Hope you enjoy, I’d love constructive criticism.

Tex Adventure



Might just be my clunky internet but the bottom prompts didn’t work for me. Let me know if it’s just my interwebs and I’ll try again. Love the fact that you added music! Super atmospheric.

Hmmm. I can’t say I’ve had any trouble, nor has any of my friends who’ve played it - have you tried clicking inside the game window? Or using a different browser? I’m thinking about expanding it into a larger game with real puzzles and mouse controls once I know more about Unity, but that’s still a ways off.


I think the issue with the prompts may be the difficulty in seeing where the active game window is (too much black!), but if you click on the text you can’t miss it.

I love the music and the style you’ve changed the original to, although (here come the nitpicks!) your tenses are a bit hit and miss, and I think your prisoner may have lost their arm opening the cell door - the small barred window was specifically mentioned, which makes me think ‘solid door -> solid walls’, which then makes me think you’ve got to go through the window to angle the mirror and see/reach the touchpad. Then the door very quickly shoots up into the ceiling… Nitpicks, as I say :smile:

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