Testing Hash Tag


Inserting a hash tag in a post looks like it enables you to link to another forum? #lounge <-- intelli-sense menu

…but only if it is used on the same line as existing text? #unity <-- intelli-sense menu

#unreal <-- no intelli-sense menu

The last one did not become a link to the unreal forum, the hash tag was remove, and the text got bigger… I’m guessing the # is a character used in markdown perhaps…


Cool, please use the #lounge:sandbox for this type testing :wink:


Seem to work, good spot


Not sure whether the new line hash tag issue is a “forum issue” tho :stuck_out_tongue: (and that has nothing to do with the fact that I completely and utterly forgot to put this post in the sandbox forum… I am quite literally a wrecking ball, wreaking havoc where ever I go :smiley: )


You’re awesome, just thought I’d test the tag for irony