Testing Grounds Completed! - Meet Master of Shadows

Hello community,

So I finished the course content but I wasn’t happy by just letting it go without finishing up Testing Grounds, so I did my work and I present to you my finished version of the game, I called it Master of Shadows (I thought that we were going to create something more “sneaky” but well, I’ll try to improve on that later).

Here is my git remote in case you want to check it out and I’ll also leave you with a gameplay video and some screenshots, enjoy!.

Some sidenotes, I created a random spawner for each tile, I spawn blocks, patrol points and guards (of course), I fixed many many issues along the way, working with BP is very very easy so I didn’t spend so much time working with this. Getting to know how to dynamically move the NavMesh and an issue I had by calling stuff on my PlayerController were two of the most tricky issues I had, one of them you can read about it here.

(Any feedback will be appreciated)

Have fun!.


Thanks for sharing this. I haven’t got that far in the course yet but seeing this definitely helps with the motivation. Hopefully I can check our your updates when I get home.

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