Terrain / Level Layout

Good Morning/Good Evening People!

In preparing for this Udemy course I replayed alot of video games in the style that Ben, Rob and the Team are taking us through; who doesnt love research eh?

I noticed that the majority of the levels in these games took a different approach then Rob did. When I run through maps of Diablo and Torchlight 2 they look like the Underground/Cavern maps we used to use for DnD.

I could see a benefit to this technique being able to control the set dressing more, and put serious time and errort only into areas the camera is going to pan across. And not wasting time on angles you dont see.

Is anyone planning something like this as opposed to Unity’s built in terrain editor?

Torchlight2 - minimap

Example of Cavern map from DnD - How I envision most levels being built

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