Temporary game freeze when firing first projectile

Hi all, I’ve just finished the health bar lecture so I have working projectiles and particle effects. My only problem is that the game essentially freezes when the first projectile is fired, for about 5 seconds and then continues without a problem. I would share code or screenshots but I have absolutely no idea where to look. Any advice is appreciated, cheers!

I had that too a few times and then it stopped. Try a full build it might help a little bit.

Thanks for the tip, I think I actually fixed it by removing two ensures in my TankAimingComponent::Fire() method.

OK so , it wasn’t locking up, It was doing a quick test before running the game. When you use ensure, it performs a test once as soon as you start a playtest in unreal. It doesn’t run on the final product and is only used for testing.

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