Temple Guardian Character

Hi! I recently enrolled in the Blender Character Creator (https://www.gamedev.tv/p/blender-character-creator-2?coupon=1D3ABAD8) to improve my skills and learn more about Blender.
This is a new character I made for a new game I’m working on inspired by Balinese Culture.
Modeled and sculpted in Blender, baked and rendered in Marmoset, clothing with Marvelous Designer and Textured in Substance Painter.


It’s really good! I used the sketchfab link to do some close inspection on the hair, trying to figure out how you did it. It looks like geometry from afar, but after examination I’m guessing it’s a texture. The normals/bump (or however you did that) are really convincing. Nice work, and great model!


Hi! Thanks so much!! I modeled the hair and baked it, all of that is a visual effect thanks to the normal map, the ambient occlusion and the cavity maps.

Here you can see how the model looks without textures and maps… it’s very plain. The whole model has around 20k faces, mostly is in the jewelry…

I used the Shrink Wrap Modifier in the hair to have the low poly model close in shape to the high poly version. Hope it helps :slight_smile:


Nice! I haven’t heard of cavity maps. Are they like bump maps?

They are called curvature maps as well :slight_smile:

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