[Team Needed] Looking for a Project Team

Hello, I am after a select few people to create a new game project. As the project grows I will be growing on the number of people involved on the project but to start I will require at least five others to kick start the project forward. I do not plan on this being an easy task for any of us so I am mainly after people who would be dependable, follow instructions, have a bit of experience in the fields needed, and want to show the world great games as much as I do. I am very detail oriented when it comes to something I love to do so there is a good chance I will have things planned to the day. A meeting weekly to collaborate between ins and outs of the game design process then deliver a spread sheet one to two days after with task that need be accomplished depending on the amount of data collected from the brainstorming session. I have been a manager for several years so I know how to effectively supply task that will keep us moving forward and never set us back as a team. I also have minor skills in almost every field of the game development process from software to documentation. So, I will not only be giving direction but also assisting in furthering the project in case someone on the team gets behind schedule.

The concept of the game is extremely difficult and would be best explained one on one but I am going to try to peak interested developers. The TV shows Flash Forward and Stargate have been a fascination of mine along with the play style of World of Warcraft and Advanced Dungeons and Dragons. Each have their own unique style about them that I would like to incorporate into a game project. For example, Flash Forward has characters who blackout all at the exact same time and dream of future events this mechanic in the game would bring a new element to the game that would interest many gamers. Example two, Stargate traveling between worlds makes we invasion a world split in two by time itself and rifts opening throughout the world. Example three, World of Warcraft and Advanced Dungeons and Dragons I don’t think there is much more about the play style that one can say other than camera and play style where developed with the passion I would like to see in my own games. Although I may have my own concept in mind I would prefer to start out small and work towards the larger scale game play style because I want the practice with the elements of game development that I am lacking in such as marketing, video production, etc… This will give me a better idea of what not to do when the larger project starts moving forward so there are no mistakes along the way.

Now let’s get to the actual point of this post it is to recruit capable people with the same determination and care as I have in games and want to bring to the younger generation just as I was given when I was a child.

Game Designer:

  • Design Compelling Game mechanics
  • Enhance the storytelling of the game using names, concepts, flavor text, and game mechanics that highlight the world, characters, and story
  • Develop an in-depth understanding of the games tools, and contribute to the ongoing development of new tools
  • Continual iteration on the game design based on team feedback and playtesting

Character Artist::

  • Create concept art for characters, armor sets, creatures, weapons, and other assets
  • 3D model characters, armor sets, creatures, weapons, and other assets
  • Texture characters, armor sets, creatures, weapons, and other assets
  • Communication between other departments

Environmental Artists:

  • Experience in modeling and texturing natural elements using 3ds Max and Photoshop (or equivalent 3D and 2D software)
  • An understanding of what’s needed to create terrain and foliage
  • Background in traditional arts but not limited to animation, illustration, and design
  • Eye for light, shade, color, and detail in creating painted texture maps
  • Communication between other departments


  • Fluent in C/C#/C++
  • Experience in game programming
  • Experience with gameplay systems such as AI, combat, reward systems, or path finding
  • Communication between other departments
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
You will also require a way to voice communicate between each other so that the work flow will remain fast and steady so a mic and headset would be I an ideal way to achieve this goal. Also, each of you will require a Word, Excel, and drop box software (or equivalent software). ![|690x100](upload://jmo3ZVPmYOuwFqMGV0xOfmjrH0N.png) The first stage of development will include brainstorming sessions that will determine mechanics, art style, characters, and so on. Although this is just a writing and drawling phase do not expect it to be easy because I like to maintain time and management throughout the game project. Far too many times have I worked for a company that tells you to be the manager but does not give you the power to keep the work flow running and when that happens people start to slack off and in the end, you are depending on one or two people to do all the work load. I will be tough at times but if you can get through that and push yourself to accomplish task efficiently and timely you will make it just fine. Also, don’t get scared and run off if qualification don’t match needs fully I am not after perfect only way I knew to put into words what I was looking for, was to use job posts ads.

If interested in starting a project get with me on here and set up a more one on one conversation from there.

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