Taking the Plunge!

I’ve finally decided to leave the tutorials behind and strike off on my own project using what I have learned. Really pleased with my random generation for Islands using perlin noise and using rule tiles with my own assets to fill out the world.

Cranking up the frequency on the noise makes the minimap look like frosted glass windows!


Phenomenal work! This is very good

Progress has been made! I now have the map generation controls on a simple menu screen:

Which allows me to have a simple UI for the actual gameplay I want to create in the game scene. I have implemented a simple realtime turn timer that I can change the speed of and the yellow circle unit moves every turn towards a destination where the path is displayed with some arrows:

Next I need to make the movement realtime instead of turn based. Randomly place the unit on the map (currently its always at the same position so can end up in the sea!) and add visibility to the game so that the map is revealed as you move around.