Tab button doesnt allow me to type in the terminal for the cow game

Im using a Macbook and whenever i press the tab button it doesn’t allow me to type on the terminal thing for the cow game.
What exactly is the tab button on Mac and why could this be happening?

The tab button is the button above caps lock. Did you press play and click inside the viewport?

I did as instructed but doesnt seem to work. Also, i think i didnt but what do you mean by ‘click inside the viewport’?

Here is what my screen looks like if that helps

The viewport is the game window in the editor. When you click play the game doesn’t automatically get focus so any inputs wouldn’t be in the game but the editor. Clicking inside the viewport gives it focus.

It still doesnt let me write on the terminal :frowning: what should i do?
Does it matter if i cant?

Well you wouldn’t be able to play the game.

Could you show me your world outliner? It’s in the top right of your screenshot.