System freezes randomly with SimpleShooter project open

My system is freezing randomly while I have open UE 4.25.3 SimpleShooter project and VS Code 1.49.3. This doesn’t happen on any other application and I didn’t have any issues on TheBullCowGame, BuildingEscape or ToonTanks (I used UE versions that the intructors used). I can’t recover by using ctrl+alt+del. I’m not really sure how to trouble shoot this, please let me know if theres anything I can try.

That is most likely the assertion failing.

LogOutputDevice: Error: Ensure condition failed: FMath::IsFinite(TexelFactor) [File:D:\Build\++UE4+Licensee\Sync\Engine\Source\Runtime\Engine\Classes\Engine/TextureStreamingTypes.h] [Line: 96]

I’m not sure why it’s failing and possibly an engine bug. Turning off texture streaming will prevent that from happening. If you go into your project settings and search for “Texture Streaming” to turn it off.

Hi Dan,
Thanks for your quick response. Unfortunately the freeze still happened after trying your solution.

  • I went to Project Settings / All and searched for Texture streaming.
  • I unchecked Streaming Textures
  • I restarted the editor and made sure Streaming Texture was still unchecked.

About an hour in with the editor open, the system froze requiring a hard reset.

Any additional help would be greatly appreciated.

I’d be looking at it as either a forever loop eating up the CPU 100%, full memory from everything being too much for it, or a computer problem since UE4 uses your hardware the same as a game does.

The UE4 editor should at no time be able to actually freeze the OS other than use the hardware at 100% which would cause the OS to be unable to have the resources to function.

If your system isn’t at or near 100% in some way (most likely cpu or ram) when it happens then its probably a new or newly found hardware problem, driver, or OS issue.

There’s not enough info here to go on. I don’t even see anything Dan could have gotten a log entry from lol.

Yeah I was a little confused about the log entry, maybe Assertion Failure is a common issue?

Anyways, I’m happy to try to get a log but I’m not sure how to go about that.

I’m also not sure how to show my source code for the project if thats requested.

In regards to CPU usage - I’m unable to summon the Task Manager when the freeze happens but I guess I could have it open just incase for diagnostic purposes. I would have thought even at max CPU usage, windows would still be able to interupt when I hit ctrl+alt+del.

Yes, you could leave task manager open so you can see it when it happens since the OS is frozen when it happens.

Asserts shouldn’t freeze the OS. Since you don’t know where he got it from then I assume he accidentally posted in the wrong thread.

Basically, in the code all you need to do is see if you’re using any do, while, or for loops. Then check to make sure none of them will loop forever. That is, make sure they always have a way to exit. Suppose recursion could do it too but doubt you’re doing that or you would know how to check for forever loops. There’s other possibilities but you would need to see the hardware usage for that.

I should also mention that the freezes aren’t happening when I hit play or compile, its not happening when shaders are compiling either or at least its not exclusive to these events. I can’t say wether it freezes during a hot reload because I can’t tell when that happens. The last couple of freezes occurred while the editor was seemingly idle as I watched part of a lecture on my second screen.

Are you getting red output in the logs? That would be the cause of freezes as it’s generating a stack trace to what lead to that assertion failing.

If you are getting that could you post the output?

Unfortunantly each time the freeze has occured so far, the Log Output window hasn’t been on screen at the time.

I can’t see any relevent log dumps for the freezes in:

I had a look through my code and I don’t think there are any infinite loops. I pretty much copied what the instructor did verbatim.

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You can open it yourself via Window > Developer Tools > Output Log.

If you can keep the log open somehow that might help. The freeze might make it difficult to look at depending.

Might as well follow through with what Dan is saying. I want to see were that goes lol.

Ok so I wasn’t able to see the output window when it froze again because it caught me between tabbing through windows but I might have found an error related to the freeze. Not sure about the exact timing but the date is correct.

[2020.10.18-11.11.33:900][352]LogD3D11RHI: Timed out while waiting for GPU to catch up. (0.5 s) (ErrorCode 00000001)
[2020.10.18-11.11.35:403][353]LogD3D11RHI: Timed out while waiting for GPU to catch up. (0.5 s) (ErrorCode 00000001)

I guess I’ll DDU my display driver/reinstall, see if that works…

Reinstalling nvidia drivers didn’t solve the issue. Still getting freezes with the above mentioned log message. Seems to be an issue other users have been experiencing for a couple of years and I can’t seem to find a relevant solution.

Might be possible that it will unfreeze in time but could also be that the driver or whatever becomes broken and an actual freeze is the end result.

Its not directly related to the editor however as there are people who have it happen while playing games.

Another way to look at it is D3D11RHI “The GPU is taking a very long time to process the previous frame, and so the D3D driver is forcing the rendering thread to wait until the GPU catches up before the rendering thread can issue any more commands.” which sounds like it might be the same issue.

So its kind of difficult to know where its coming from. But obviously, there’s a timeout happening which means something is taking too long and its related to waiting for the GPU to catch up.

It seems like it could definitely be why the freeze the happening but doesn’t explain what’s causing it to happen. There’s quite a few things you might have to look into.