Surface Pro 4 (or Surface Pro) for Unity?

Just wanted to ask, is anyone using a Surface Pro 4 for Unity game Dev?

I’m using a 2013 Macbook Air, it does the things I need, has decent battery life, but very tempted in upgrading to another laptop (sadly, no room for a desktop ATM).

Happy to hear about other laptop suggestions (ideally looking for decent battery life “6-10 hours”, easily carried around, $1000-1400 before / after tax)

Hi I’m using Surface pro 3 sometimes to dev small games, never had issues or problems. Battery life up to 4-5hours belongs to things I’m working on.

Thanks for the info 69Unbalance, the battery life sounds similar to what I am getting on my MacBook air (I also make small games, 2D ones at the moment). A little torn at the moment between buying a refurbished 2016 MacBook Pro without touch bar, or getting a Surface Pro 4, i7, 256GB for $1299. I used to have a Surface 3 which I loved (but was weak as hell and battery life wasn’t the greatest).

Other options I’m considering include the Dell XPS 13, but really can’t decide :S (and at the end, I might stick with my MacBook air for another few years…)

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