I have experimented with Java before and i immediately recognized the “Super” keyword. Then after a bit of research i that C++ doesn’t have a keyword “Super”. Its defined somewhere else as a shortcut to the base class.

Within UPositionReporter::UPositionReporter() is PrimaryComponentTick.bCanEverTick = true;
PrimaryComponentTick is derived from a struct called FActorComponentTickFunction which itself is defined within
the class UActorComponent. Still unsure about what #define is responsible for, i have parsed through examples of other code and usually #define immediately follows #ifndef. The engine will make this if it hasnt already been made?

This is just what i know by looking at the code and looking at where some of the code is defined, If anyone else knows more and can explain in better detail, please do so, i wish to have a solid understanding of what everything does. Thanks.

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