Suggestion for Searchable Index of Course

There’s a lot of great info in the courses, but I’m having difficulty navigating back to important bits.
For example: I’m trying to remember how to refactor code and pull out the KeyCode as an argument.
How can I find that lecture? (I know it was in there somewhere.) I suppose I should start adding many more bookmarks in the courses. Can I search other people’s bookmarks?

Hi @J_Cohen,

As you mentioned, you can add bookmarks within Udemy it’s, but no, I don’t believe you can search other peoples.

What you can do though, which may help, is search GitHub. All of the course content have individual repositories and some time was taken to generate the files for each one, these files contain an overview of each section / lecture and may well include terms that you can search against to find which specific lecture to then look at.

For the case in point, you’ll probably want to search for Input as this was for the player input and also Input is one of the terms used within Unity, you could try KeyCode also obviously.

When you select a repository (their names align with the section names on Udemy) the file is display by default on the page. In order to search through it, simply press CTRL+F or use your browser’s in-page search feature. This will direct you to the name of the lecture within that section.

You can also search a repository by selecting it and entering your seach criteria in the search field at the top. Any results will be returned against the specific files that the search terms are found in, for example;

Whilst you’ve not stated, I’m guessing it was the Complete Unity Developer course you are working through, so a link to that specific one is listed below, along with a subsequent link to Ben’s organisation on GitHub which will then link (via the icons on the bottom left of the profile) to each of the courses unique repositories.

I hope this helps. :slight_smile:

See also;

Thanks so much for all that helpful info!


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Hi Josh,

You’re more than welcome, if there’s anything else just post :slight_smile:

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